Introducing My Web Performance Course ‘Building Faster Websites’


There’s a long-running joke about web developers starting side projects but never finishing them.



I’ve completed a side project!

Introducing Building Faster Websites: Getting Started with Web Performance, a course on the Udemy platform which will introduce you to the wonderful world of front-end loading performance.

Building Faster Websites: Getting Started with Web Performance

It’s composed of 41 video lectures, totalling nearly 4 hours of web performance theory and practical optimisation where you’ll learn:-

  • What web performance actually means and why it matters on today's web.
  • How you can measure loading performance to accurately determine how fast a website loads.
  • Tools and techniques you can use to measure web performance across a variety of device types and network conditions.
  • Best practice performance optimisation techniques to reduce how long it takes the browser to download and render a website.

It’s beginner friendly, so no prior knowledge of web performance is required. As long as you know the basics of front-end development, you’ll have everything you need to start learning.

I started this side project back in November 2019, when words like furlough and lockdown had not yet entered everyday vocabulary. It's occupied my evenings and weekends for most of this challenging year since.

I decided early that I wouldn't be on camera, as this isn't about me, it's about the material I'm teaching.

Overall, even though I worked myself to the bone on this, I did enjoy making it!

Without sounding too cliché, I’m certain you'll enjoy it too!

The first 3 videos can be watched for FREE.

It's only £9.99 with the coupon FASTER for the next 5 days. ⏰

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