I've been published in Web Designer Magazine 264


I've been lucky enough to feature in the latest edition of Web Designer Magazine with a tutorial titled "Website theming with CSS variables and Web Storage API".

In the tutorial, I explore a practical application of CSS custom properties (commonly known as CSS variables) and how they can be used to implement website theming into a mock web app called NoteApp. Web Storage API is then introduced as a means of maintaining the theme across multiple browser sessions.

It's a beginner level tutorial perfect for any developer looking to learn more about a real-world usage of CSS variables or Web Storage API.

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In the UK, Web Designer Magazine is usually available in places like WHSmiths or any other half-decent newsagents. You can also order it online.

Have any follow-up questions about the tutorial, or just want to clarify any of the steps? Feel free to post in the comments below or shoot me over an email.

Update - The full tutorial is now available to read on CreativeBloq. Check it out.