Highlights of public facing projects I've been involved in over the years.

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Side Project

Building Faster Websites Course

'Building Faster Websites: Getting Started with Web Performance' is a course composed of 41 separate video lectures, totalling nearly 4 hours of web performance theory and practical optimisation.

It's available to purchase on the Udemy platform for anyone who wants to learn what web performance is and why it matters, what to measure, which tools to use and much more!

Learn Web Performance
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Side Project

Fallout 76 Trade List

Fo76TradeList.com allows Fallout 76 players to create lists of items they have available for trade so they can be more easily shared with other players.

It's built with a standard PHP/MySQL MVC approach and features a full account system, user content generation and Stripe integration for account upgrades and an ad-free subscription service.

At the time of writing, it has 166 separate trade lists and around 1500-2000 unique visitors a month.